Branding is a complex, often misunderstood, ever-evolving practice - so with that in mind and because we care about the business relationships we have, we defined our approach in order for you to better understand our method of delivery and the long-term value it can bring:
Creating a successful consultancy experience with a positive guidance climate where clients can thrive is at the heart of Blade Consultancy approach.
Drawing on a range of methods, international knowledge, expertise and personality tools we build appreciative and trusting relationships with clients at all levels.
We deliver a consultancy experiance with a careful blend of leadership and advisory roles leaving clients at the end of each project with the know-how- tools to drive their business forward evaluating successes, challenges and available resources.
Brand Strategies

At Blade Consultancy we believe that great graphic design takes more than just selecting a catchy font and creating an innovative layout. It begins with analyzing and understanding the clients brand strategy and its values. Whether we’re working with a start-up or an established company, the graphics we design are created to establish a powerful brand image and develop inspiring brand cultures, values and tone of voice.

We assist clients to define, broaden and develop the essential identity of their brand its value and most importantly its virtues.  We challenge ourselves and our clients to push boundaries and offer new opportunities allowing the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary and become.

To drive success, a brand has to be relevant, which is why our process is thorough and intricate. Our target is to ensure your brand stands out, is elevated and gains the attention that is essential for any brand to last whilst maintaining the desired strong presence in the marketplace. 

We guide clients to discover and define the most powerful and authentic brand narratives to ensure the identity of the brand encapsulates the essential elements that will inspire the desired target market, engage target customers and build brand loyalty.

Marketing & Social Media 
Website Development 

No matter whom you want to communicate with and why, we can help you use the web to do just that making sure your business site is developed and designed effectively meeting the desired end results and budget.

At Blade Consultancy we understand the wider business context, the commercial imperatives and the need to achieve your objectives and we have the skills to aid you to engage with your target audience and help grow your business online.


We understand how the internet works and more importantly, exactly how it can best work for you. We work closely with you, creating sites that meet the highest visual standards and function to the highest technical specifications. The result: stunning websites that capture, inspire and inform, whilst upholding your brand values and speaking in your tone of voice.

Events Management 

Blade Consultancy offers a wealth of events management opportunity to its clientele and possesses vast experience within the industry spanning almost two decades servicing many of the highest of prestige brands, implementing branding, marketing and event related productions throughout Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Events that we have executed spans from product launches entailing full 12 piece brass bands to,world renowned and acclaimed corporate speakers and presenters to full custom choreographed flash mops for product launches and promotions,we specialise in fully customised musical and entertainment needs relating to events,festivals and exhibitions. 


Creating unforgettable events and projecting client’s brand identity culture that leave a lasting impression on the defined target market is what we pride our selfs upon. 

In the ever changing market and its illusive dynamics, it is imperative for a business to constantly evolve its marketing and social media strategies and implement techniques in order to face new challenges and competition in the market. 


At Blade Consultancy we believe it's crucial for a business to adhere effective marketing and social media strategies using available platforms to elevate and create awareness about their brand and bring the business into the spotlight in a calculated and decisive manner. 

Blade Consultancy works closely with client’s to analyse their individual target market dynamics and determines the most effective marketing strategies based on a sound understanding of each client’s unique and individually designed needs taking into account prospective business growth requirements and desired targets.

Blade Consultancy, applies uniquely designed and customised marketing strategies that are calibrated to your business requirements and implement these tailored campaigns to maximise prospective growth and returns on investment by methods of elevating your brand value in the market and the value it offers.

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